You are in just 12 minutes from launching your own trading strategy for stock and crypto exchanges.

Tradematic Trader — a trading platform and a visual strategy builder that will help you to create a trading robot without programming.

Simple and user-friendly interface

Your robots will trade stocks and futures (Interactive Brokers), cryptocurrencies (Bitfinex, Binance, Poloniex, Coinbase Pro, HitBTC, Kraken, Ethfinex), forex and CFD (Oanda)

Time-tested — 9 years on the market

What is systematic trading?

Do you still trade manually, spending days ahead next to the trading terminal but still missing the right moments to open and close positions?

It's time to rethink your trading! 
Switch to automated and systemic trading with Tradematic. It will help you to create your trading robot from ready-made rules, test it on historical data, and launch it in automatic mode!  

Time for life

Robot analyzes the quotes and trades 24/7 without days off and breaks. Now you can spend this time on something more pleasant

Risks are under control

Comparing to nonsystematic trading, robot trades according to the system, so follows the set rules and controls the risks

Smoothing your nerves

Fear and greed hinder to trade successfully.
Save your nerves — trade systematically!  


Visual Strategy Builder

Create your trading strategy in a few steps, combining ready-made rules for opening and closing position or create your own rules!

For example, rules on technical indicators of Moving average, Price channel, MACD, RSI, stop-loss, take-profit and many others.   

For Traders

Use a powerful and time-tested trading platform with a simple and user-friendly interface.

Now there is no need to code to create trading robots!

Create conditions for opening and closing position from ready-made rules or create your own rules!  

Visual Strategy Builder

Create a trading robot from ready-made rules without programming!


Create strategies, backtest them on historical data and trade in automatic mode

Professional support

We are ready to help you via chat or email

iOS and Android apps

Trade in manual or semiautomatic mode wherever you are

Protection from hacker attack and fishing

All strategies and keys to exchanges are stored only on your computer

Arbitrage, trend and countertrend strategies

With automatically controlled connection to exchanges

For Trading Strategies Developers

You are looking for a trading algorithms development environment that combine simple interface, unlimited opportunities of Microsoft .NET platform and ready-made connectors for crypto and forex exchanges?
If so, you have found exactly what you were looking for!

Arbitrage, trend and countertrend strategies, portfolios and indices, pump detectors — now everything is in your hands!  

C# Code Editor

Unlimited opportunities of .NET platform in the embedded code editor

Up to 50x more data than on exchanges

Backtest strategies on available data or load your own

Over 120 indicators of technical analysis

API and stable connectors to cryptocurrency and forex exchanges

Affiliate program

Deliver your clients not just a robot, but an encrypted container and a convenient trading platform.

Our clients

Get extra income — create strategies and indicators for our clients

Everything is under control

Modules for connection monitoring, order and risk management

Experts reviews on Tradematic

Read reviews

For asset managers and their clients

We know what is asset management. That is why we can offer you a ready-made solution that will help you to automate management and protect from various risks.

Simplify your everyday tasks and make customer management more comfortable!  

Portfolios and indices

Create portfolio strategies and your own indices

Lite version for your clients

Your clients can use Tradematic Lite to copy your trading signals and always be informed

Everything is under control

Modules for connection monitoring, order and risk management

Group accounts and strategies

Client accounts and strategies can be grouped to simplify management

Reporting system

Numerous types of reports that you can export and send to a client


Connect simultaneously to different accounts and exchanges, launch several strategies and metastrategies, and scale easily to Enterprise level

Automatic trading

24/7, without breaks and weekends

Strategy design kit

without programming


create, backtest, trade

Risk control module

control risks

Accounts groups

for easy management

Mobile apps

for iOS and Android


connection to several exchanges


7 exchanges — Bitfinex, Binance, etc.

Affiliate program

with payments lasting 2 years

Graphical analysis

more than 120 TA indicators


on events via sms, push, e-mail

Copy trading

copy trading signals

Historical data volume

up to 50x more than on exchanges

News Trading


US markets


Keys and Algorithms

stored only on your computer

Code editor

.NET without limits

Connection monitoring

control connection to exchanges


between instruments and exchanges


algorithm-protected strategies

Starter pack

ready-made strategies for starting

Forex trading

via the largest broker Oanda

Educational trade

with real quotes

Portfolio approach

to diversify investments

Support from 9 to 7

professionals at your service


with Wealth-Lab format

Formula editor

create your own rules

3 trading modes

manual, semiautomatic and auto

  • Image

    “Tradematic Trader has the best embedded order management among all other trading programs with smart orders logic”

    Nicolas Solabuto
    Chief Operating Officer — «Finam Management» 

Develop&Test Pack

For those who want to develop and backtest trading robots without trading.

  • Visual Strategy Builder and Code editor
  • Backtesting and strategies optimization on any exchange’s data
  • Up to 5 active strategies
  • Connection control and Order management modules
  • Professional support

Standard Pack

For those who need all key features for creating trading robots and trading.
  • Visual Strategy Builder and Code editor
  • Backtesting and strategies optimization on any exchange’s data
  • Up to 5 active strategies
  • Connection control and Order management modules
  • Professional support
  • 2 connectors to any exchange

Pro Pack

For those who need advanced features for algotrading and clients assets management.

  • Visual Strategy Builder and Code editor
  • Backtesting and strategies optimization on any exchange’s data
  • Unlimited active strategies
  • Connection control and Order management modules
  • Portfolios and indices
  • Risk management module
  • Managing groups of accounts and strategies
  • Create algorithm-protected containers and send trading signals
  • Professional support
  • 5 connectors to any exchange

Important: We will give your money back if you are not satisfied with our product in 14 days period.

Because we know for sure how easy and simple it is with Tradematic.

download tradematic trader

For Investment Business

You work in an investment company — a bank, fund, asset management or brokerage company?

We know that you need a tailored and innovative solution that will allow you to automate trade and solve tasks of your business.

For your new product we will deploy the entire infrastructure on a turnkey basis — from client terminals to corporate white-label server solutions.  

Server infrastructure

Tradematic server infrastructure — from terminals to server-side execution for client accounts

Short launch time

We are a high-motivated team of experts with extensive experience, we do not have bureaucracy  

Cloud architecture + API

Scalability, reliability, stability, ease to integrate

Complex support

Support, training, corrections and improvements — we understand your business and we will always be near

Monitoring and control

Infrastructure control systems and quality monitoring of signal execution at clients accounts

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